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There are many walks around Castello de Rugat

When you step out the front door of El Buen Ocio you can walk in any direction and find yourself out in the countryside in just a few minutes. On many routes you will spot either Blue Marker stones giving the name of walking routes, or modern signs which not only guide you but give you information about the distance and time to the next point.

Information guide for a walking route
Stone painted blue showing a walking route

Route planning

To plan your routes before there are various apps and sources. A popular one in this region is Wikiloc and many locals upload their cycling and walking routes which will give you lots of ideas. We suggest you download this app before you go walking.  

Alltrails also seems to have lots of local trails.

If you want to explore and not stick to a designated route it is still a good idea to download wikiloc or something similar as many of the tracks and roads twist back on each other (or just come to a dead end) and you need an app that shows paths and walking routes not just roads.

Consider the weather

Although the temperate climate and frequent blue skies means we can go walking throughout the year, Spring and Autumn are the best time for serious walkers. Temperature in late July to early September in particular can be too hot for day long walks. If you are a planning a walking holiday in the summer, we would advise you to copy the Spanish. They go out for a walk very early in the morning, often at 5-5.30am and return by 10am. They then go back to bed or to the beach and have a siesta in the afternoon.

Also make sure you always carry lots of water with you, wear layered clothes, and take sunblock. It is possible to get sunburn at any time of the year here.

Recommended Routes

Come and climb our mountain

One of our favourite walks in the area is to climb the mountain of Sierra del Benicadell. At 1,104 metres, it’s not too high, and has a well-maintained path for most of the way. The views from the top are spectacular and you can often sit and watch eagles flying beneath you.

Apart from in the heat of the summer, the walk up is is easily achievable for anyone with a reasonable fitness level. Only the very last section, where you have to scramble up across slippery rocks, is difficult and you may want to miss this last section off. (If you plan to attempt the top section, make sure you are wearing shoes with good grippy soles).

A track walk with extensive views
track across the ridge against a blue sky
Two hikers on top of a rocky summit
A woman with arms outstretched looking over a valley

One of the great things about the walk up Benicadell is the variety of routes you can choose from. You can walk straight out of the front door and do the whole route on foot, or drive to one of several local villages to walk from there. (Some of the routes are totally different, others will merge onto the route we take from Castello de Rugat).

For those not wanting to do the whole walk, you can also shorten the walk significantly by driving part-way up. You can either drive up and park on a ridge just off the CV705 or take the road to Beniatjar and drive up to the Foresters House (Casa Forestal) where there is a free car park. (From the Casa Forestal estimate 4-5 hours for a leisurely round trip, which allows for stops to take photos and have something to eat).

Ridge Walks

If ascent up the mountain isn’t appealing, or the weather is too hot, two other lovely walks are to drive up and park on the same ridge mentioned above.

From here you walk the ridge along to the Casa Forestal, or cross the CV705 and walk downhill slightly where you then can walk along the ridge that goes in the opposite direction.

Both of these walks offer stunning views over the valley with only gentle inclines.


View of mountains and footpath

Walks from the Village

To get straight into the hills from the village, walk to the edge of the village, to the corner of Carrer Jaume 1 & Carrer de La Serra and take the small road/track off to the right.  From here initially there are a choice two routes, but as you continue these routes split into others giving a variety of options with different levels of steepness, forest cover and length.

Again, we would recommend you research your walk before you start and ideally also have a phone with a walking app on it as many of these routes are lightly used, especially during the week.

In addition to our local walks, there are endless places to discover but these are some of our favourites:


One of the most famous walks in the area follows the route of the old train tracks from Villalonga to Lorcha/L’Orxa. The Vía verde del río Serpis is surrounded by a spectacular wooded landscape the walk along the banks of the river Serpis, passes through several tunnels. (Take a small torch or a well charged phone as one of the tunnels is quite long and very dark).

View of the tunnel and river on the Lorcha Via Verde walk
Via Verde walk and Rio Serpis
Doing the washing from the Atzeneta

Atzeneta D’Albaida

Another opportunity to enjoy a wonderful walk and combine it with a visit to a fascinating village.

Because of its springs and ample running water, in Arabic times, some of the village’s water was directed along a small waterway running along the back of a row of houses.

Each house then had its own ‘laundry’ room at the back, where the women of the house had direct access to the waterway which they used to do their washing without leaving the house.

Atzeneta street of wash houses

Most of these ‘laundry rooms’ still exit and make a charming picture, especially with the dramatic background on the opposite side of the path.

Again, there are various options for walks in the surrounding countryside.


Take a walk around the charming little village of Otos, searching for and admiring its sun-dials, and combine it with a hike in the gently rolling countryside surrounding it.


The pretty village of Carrícola has works of art throughout this little village. Walk past the Ermita del Crist del Calvari up the hill towards the Castellet and view many more sculptures on the way. The far-reaching views from the castle are stunning.

An iron sculpture on the Carricola walk
A tower of books stone sculpture
Steps up the hill with carved risers
view up the hollside to Carricola castellet
View looking to Carricola castellet on the top of the hill
Looking down a cobbled path to the Ermita del Crist del Calvari
Artwork of a large leaf on the side of a house
Blue and yellow glass lattice art design